External representatives list

World Federation of Occupational Therapists

  • 1st Delegate: Ms. Stella Cheng

  • 2nd Delegate: Dr. Kit Sinclair

Workability Asia and Workability International

  • Mr. Andy Cheng

(HK Rehabilitation Alliance) / (HK Joint Council of Social Service)

  • Ms. Sanne Fong

    HK Rehabilitation Alliance /HK Joint Council of Social Service

  • Mr. Simon Wong

    HK Rehabilitation Alliance / HK Joint Council of Social Service

  • Ms. Hellen Yang

    Pre-school children

  • Ms. Minny Tang


  • Ms. Sanne Fong

    Physical Handicapped

  • Ms. Janette Tam

    Intellectual Disability

  • Mr. Kevin Kwong

    Workers with disability

  • Mr. Maurice Wan

    Mental Illness

The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong

  • Mr. Samuel Chan

The Other Healthcare Sub-group, Steering Committee on Strategic Review on Healthcare Planning and Professional Development

  • Ms Stella Cheng

  • Ms Sanne Fong

  • Mr Andy Cheng

Occupational Health Council

  • Mr. Patrick So

Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Foundation

  • Ms. Rosanna Wong

Hospital Authority Staff Group Consultative Committees

  • Ms. Betty Tang

  • Ms. Dora Chan

Dementia Committees

  • Mrs. Alice Tsang

Multidisciplinary professional group on RCHE manpower

  • Ms. Wincy Ng

  • Mr. David Lau

The Association of Hong Kong Health Care Professionals

  • Dr. Bacon Ng

Joint conference of Health Care Professional Organization

  • Mr. Yat Ho

  • Dr. Bacon Ng

  • Ms. Clara Chan

The Association for Universal Accessibility Hong Kong

  • Ms. Sabrina Li